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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Big Thank You!!!

I have been doing this blogging business since the middle of September and I just started to do it as
something to do while I am recuperating at home and off work. I figured that if I didn't like it or could not figure it out then I wasn't out anything, just a few hours. I am not a writer by any means, I have a daughter who is an aspiring author though, working on her 3rd novel one of which is for NaNoWriMo ,so as I clicked the button to 'create blog' I thought that if it didnt turn out or if I made a lot of errors all I had to do was hit the little delete button.

I am an avid reader, always have been since grade school. Reading was my way of leaving my abusive life for a short while, where I could escape into the adventures of Jason and the Argonauts in mythology, or be one of the kids on Mary Poppins. As I got older I left the Bobbsey Twins behind and lost myself in Greek and Roman Mythology, I especially liked the Greek and Roman tragedies and comedies. Then I think I read anything that Edna Ferber wrote.

I had a time in my life when I was first married that I was into the bodice rippers like Kathleen Woodiwise, Beatrice Small, Rosemary Rogers etc. I really think I was looking for something that was missing in my life by reading these books at that time.

Over the years my reading interests have changed a lot. I no longer read bodice rippers, nor mythology. I do enjoy a good thriller, horror and who dunnits, but the main genre for me has been historical fiction. So I thought if I started a blog I could find more books out there that I would like. Well as I started looking at other blogs I found a lot of what I had been looking for. So my next thought was, ok now I have this blog and now what do I do?? I didn't think that anyone would be interested in what a middle aged woman with lots of time on her hands had to say. I found out different and I am glad that I did, although my husband and 3 of my children wonder why I do this. They support me but my writer daughter knows exactly why I do it, but I digress.

In my travels in bloggville I have come across some really wonderful and helpful people out there. I asked questions and they answered. I wrote and they responded, then I twittered and they responded also. So long story short I am having a blast. One because I am a computer nut, I have 4 to be exact, and I would be on the computer anyway. Two because of all the nice people  I have come across. Three because I am a bookaholic and collector of books, not in the traditional sense of course,  I mean I have books all over the house and so does hubby. One of my goals in having a blog was to have fun things on it but the ultimate goal was to do book reviews. So I entered contests and have won some books, found more books at BookMooch, PBS, GoodReads and LibraryThing. I have also reviewed some books I have read on my blog. Like I said before I am not a writer and I write what  I thought of the book and if I think other people would like it. I am not a historian so I do not look to see if all the facts are correct. I should have my first book coming from a publisher for a review.... not sure if I will like the book since it is a genre that I usually don't read but I will read it ...I knew that I would have to broaden my horizon.

I am Irish and have been to Ireland twice and I will read most anything to do with Ireland, listen to Celtic music exclusivly and well you get what I mean. That is why my blog is kind of Irish themed.. So I thought maybe there would be other people who would be interested and if they were not then I would still have something to do, blog.

So back to the wonderful people that I have met in my travels I thank everyone I have come in contact with but there are a few I would like to give a BIG thank you to who have helped me along the way and they are:

Marie at The Burton Review

Michelle at The True Book Addict

Kaye over at J.Kaye's Book Blog

Lucy at Enchanted Josephine

and last but not least, I thank my daughter Kara for being supportive of your mom always, and you will get published one day Kara and never stop being you!!



Thank you!!!!!!!

Kathleen ( the CelticLady)


Marie Burton said...

Silly gal, it's Marie not Mary, but I get that and Maria all the time so I am used to it. And you're welcome by the way. It's been a pleasure getting to know you and watch your blog go, and I love your informative posts.
And I left you an award on my Sunday salon post. =)
Have a great weekend!

thetruebookaddict said...

You are so welcome! It is nice to have such a pleasant addition to the book blogging community =o)

I would SO like to go to Ireland some day...you are very lucky!

KC Kelly said...

Awesome Mom...everyone loves a shout out, including me!!! Love you!!!