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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Truly, Madly by Heather Webber Review....

I received this gem of a book from First Reads at Goodreads as an ARC. I just finished it last night and I loved it!!!

Truly, Madly was a fast enjoyable read with just enough mystery, romance and a bit of paranormal thrown in to keep my interest. I thought at first that this was a chick-lit type of story and I do not read many of those because I find that they do not hold my interest as I am not a thirty something woman no longer. But I thought what the heck and signed up for an advanced copy. I won and I am glad I did because I really enjoyed it. Below is a synopsis from Barnes and Noble.

Publishers Weekly

"This clever paranormal mystery series launch is sure to delight fans of Webber’s gardening detective, Nina Quinn (Weeding Out Trouble, etc.). The Boston Valentines have been professional matchmakers for generations, but Lucy Valentine’s psychic talent tends to show her people’s lost car keys rather than their ideal mates, so she’s shocked when her parents stick her with running the company. A vision leaves her wondering whether a client murdered his girlfriend, so she hires sexy PI Sean Donahue to find the missing woman, but while she’s imagining them naked in bed, he’s suspecting her of murder. Lucy has to contend with her meddling grandmother’s efforts to find her a new boyfriend as she dodges the cops, hunts a killer, and struggles to explain the truth to Sean. Fun characters, sparkling prose, and a twisty plot add up to a great beginning for Valentine"

Lucy Valentine, the daughter of a professional matchmaker, at the age of 14 lost her ability to see auras, thus making it impossible for her to eventually be able to work in the family business of being a matchmaker. What she does have though is the ability to find "lost" items. This ability she has been able to keep to herself except for her family and close friends and she wants to keep it that way until circumstances keep this from happening. When a little boy goes missing she decides that she needs to help find him.

When her father is involved in a scandal, he and Lucy's mother who aren't an item but are still good friends, decide they need to get away from all the gossip of her father's (Oscar) little indescretion. Lucy reluctantly agrees to step in and manage the company while they are gone.

She gets involved in the cases and one of the clients comes to her asking if she would be able to find his lost love. When he introduces himself by shaking hands, Lucy sees a terrible vision, of something that has happened in the clients life and makes her wonder if he is perhaps responsible for what Lucy saw in her vision.

So while in the process of trying her skills as a matchmaker and helping her client, Michael, and trying to find a little boy she gets involved in a murder mystery with the help of Sean Donahue, her upstairs neighbor at her office whom she also has had a vision about, they start investigating. As they become more involved in investigating they become more attracted to each other. To say too much more would ruin the story for you, the reader. The other characters in the story, Dovie, Lucy's grandmother and Lucy's friends Em and Marisol and Raphael round out the story nicely. There is humor, mystery, and romance enough to keep the story flowing smoothly to the suspenseful conclusion.

I sometimes like to read a story that is light reading and one where you do not have to do a lot of thinking, just enjoy the story and I definitely did.. I will eagerly await for the next book called Deeply, Desperately which will be coming soon by St.Martin's Press.

As I stated before, I received this book as an ARC from Goodreads and I highly recommend it.


Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

I just finished this one too. It was a fun read. A good book to read after the holiday madness. Great review!

KC Kelly said...

This looks like a book I would like! Next package, send it my way?? Love you!