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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Turning Green Film Trailer

Turning Green is a 2009 Irish-American dark comedy written and directed by Michael Aimette and John G. Hofmann. The script was a runner up in the original Project Greenlight on HBO. Donal Gallery stars as James Powers, a displaced American teenager living in Ireland in 1979 who discovers girlie magazines on a random trip to London. He illegally imports the magazines, which changes his fortunes – and perspective on life in Ireland. The tagline for the film is "Turning Green. The tale of a boy, a country and a box of porn."
As one of the first movies to receive a domestic theatrical release by New Films International, it screened in Los Angeles (November 6, 2009), New York (November 13, 2009) and Chicago (November 20, 2009.)
The title Turning Green refers to many themes of the film, both physical (James becoming sick after performing one of his drinking bar tricks, converting Irish pounds to American dollars) and metaphorical (James unwittingly becoming more Irish.)

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